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User manual

User guide to creating, editing, accessing, importing, exporting, and translating content in ICA-AtoM; includes administering the system.

Administrator manual

Instructions for installing, upgrading, importing and more.

Release history

Chronology of new features, changes and bug fixes for each ICA-AtoM release.

Success stories

A page for users to share information about how they use ICA-AtoM.


Workshop tutorials created by Artefactual and materials contributed by the Archives Association of Ontario to be used with ARCHEON (French/English) and the Archives Association of British Columbia to be used with MemoryBC. All workshop tutorials can be freely modified and reused for educational and outreach purposes.

FAQ - Users and administrators

Frequently asked questions aimed at users and administrators of ICA-AtoM. See also FAQ Qubit Toolkit.

Requirement sources

The ICA standards from which software requirements are drawn.


Definitions and explanations of terms used throughout documentation; terms that are defined in the glossary are hyperlinked in the documentation.

Download virtual appliance

Run ICA-AtoM as a virtual appliance on any operating system. Great option if you want to try ICA-AtoM on your personal computer but are having trouble installing the web server or database server that a web-based application like ICA-AtoM requires.

Translate this wiki

Page for ICA-AtoM project participants who are translating the documentation in this wiki.


Please post them to the discussion group.

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