The Software Code

ICA-AtoM is a web-based application written entirely in PHP5 using the symfony framework and the Qubit Toolkit.

Qubit was created by the ICA-AtoM development team to make it easy for other projects, institutions or communities to adopt and customize the software for their own use.

ICA-AtoM is made available as a distribution of the Qubit Toolkit (much like Ubuntu or Red Hat are Linux distributions). Both Qubit and ICA-AtoM are freely available for re-use under the GPL v2 license.

ICA-AtoM is managed as a branch in the Qubit code repository. It is publicly available there for read-only checkout to developers familiar with the Subversion version control system.

$ svn checkout

To get your checked-out copy running, see the Qubit Toolkit installation instructions which are identical for ICA-AtoM.

A stable release of the Qubit trunk is merged to the ICA-AtoM branch twice a year. If you are a developer and want access to the software code as it is being developed, you can check out the Qubit trunk from the code repository. Of course the trunk is in active daily development and will contain features that are in mid-development as well as the likelihood of more bugs that have not been yet been eliminated through the release testing process.

$ svn checkout