Download and install ICA-AtoM on your webserver

ICA-AtoM is web-based software. You can download and install it on your own webserver to make your copy of ICA-AtoM available to anyone with an internet connection. ICA-AtoM comes with an installer that helps you through this process.

The following file contains the latest version of the ICA-AtoM software along with the installer:

Once you have downloaded this file, consult the online installation documentation. See also the upgrading guide or the release notes.

To run ICA-AtoM you will need a webserver and database server installed on your system, as well as PHP 5.3 or higher. We recommend the open-source Apache webserver and MySQL database engine. The ICA-AtoM Installer will check your system and report back if you need to upgrade any of your server's technical requirements.

Download and run as a virtual appliance

Run ICA-AtoM as a virtual appliance on any operating system. This option allows you to try ICA-AtoM on your personal computer if you don’t have access to your own webserver on which to install ICA-AtoM.

A virtual appliance is one file containing a minimal operating system and server software. You can "play" this file with a free virtual machine player. When you play the virtual appliance, it starts the second operating system and server software inside the player, on top of your existing operating system. There is no need to reboot or install anything except the player. You can then connect to the web server running inside the virtual machine player with your regular web browser.

See the ICA-AtoM virtual appliance wiki page for a download link and detailed installation instructions.